Commercial Cleaning Services

officecleanAid Maintenance Co. is a full service, 24 hours per day/7 day per week cleaning company, providing service to RI, MA and CT. We feature daily, 2-3 times per week and weekly cleaning programs. These cleaning programs can be per Specifications or customized to meet any and all your needs. Cleaning 15 million sq.ft. a day is what we do best!

We specialize in the following cleaning and maintenance services:

  • Day Porter/Matron Service
  • Carpet Maintenance Program
  • Wall & Overhead Cleaning
  • Emergency Flood Water Pick-Up
  • Labor Support for any special project needs
  • Help With 1 Time Specials
  • Green Cleaning – Green cleaning is the hot topic in the cleaning business today. Companies are looking at being efficient while being environmentally conscience. Aid Maintenance currently has successful green cleaning programs in place, which are environmentally friendly. Aid is always on top of the latest advancements in green cleaning. If you are interested in Going Green, contact Aid Maintenance today!
  • Disinfection Services – Aid Maintenance offers disinfecting services to fight COVID-19 , SARS, and other germs and viruses. We are using the latest Electro Static Technology. Electro Static Technology ensures all areas are coated with disinfectant solution evenly because of the nature of negatively charged surfaces versus the positively charged solution. The solution bonds everywhere ensuring that all areas are disinfected.This technology is not only extremely effective against fighting any potential outbreak in a facility but it is also harmless when employees of vulnerable populations are exposed to it.

Learn more about what we are offering our customers to assist them in operating in a safe environment day in and day out from the two links below.

Victory Innovations Cordless Electrostatic Sprayers

The GenEon Mist / bMist is ideal for cleaning large open areas.

Aid Maintenance Co. continues to upgrade all equipment and modernized cleaning techniques. We bring to our customers the best cleaning materials available.

Facilities We Serve: